Recording Lifts

I love to record my lifts, this is something that I have done for a long time now. Not only does it give me some record of progress, it also allows me to re-watch HOW I lift, becoming analytical in my approach ensuring that I get the best from each rep in the future. A digital camera or smart phone is all you need – although finding somewhere to balance a phone can be tricky, as you will see from the angle of my video. 

A lot of guys and girls on social media discourage photos of lifts as its easy to put 200kg on a bar and stand next to it. They are (sometimes spot on btw) wary of such photographs. Videos keep the whole lift, and lifter, honest in their claims. Here is a video of me performing weighted dips – 7 reps with 55Kg attached to my dip belt. I was 83Kg this morning.

Try them for yourself, a great exercise for the chest, ensuring that shoulders are always kept in a ‘safe’ position.

Oh – and you might want to skip to about a minute or so – Enjoy! 🙂

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pretty happy with this lifting. did 5 x 32.5Kg afterwards but no vid!


getting there


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California Training

Some 4 rep squats in 100 degree heat (sweaty ankles to prove it). Feel form is okay here, any lower and I think lordosis may occur.

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So, I’m 75 days away from stepping on stage, it sounds like a lot, but believe me when I say that is no time at all and it will absolutely fly in! This will definitely be the biggest challenge I’ve faced yet but it’s one that I am meeting head on.


I don’t really know what my chances will be like, and at the minute I’m not really concerned with that, I’m more focused on taking each day a step at a time, focusing on my diet and my gym. Obviously other things are happening in my life, I’m about to start my last year at uni and all that is included in that, my girlfriend leaves for her second year of her medical course in a couple weeks which will obviously be tough, I’m still working a full time job (48hrs per week) and I still try and have some sort of social life, and one that will not negatively effect my training/physique.


All is on course at the moment. I’ve taken the liberty of hiring a prep coach to help me hone in on things that I may have overlooked myself, and to have someone with experience of being on stage will help massively. I will be taking progress pictures throughout the next 10-11 weeks but for documenting the process only, none will be published for obvious reasons but I can’t wait to share them on here or twitter/facebook.


This is really the start of the home stretch, its gonna be hard hard work but it’s something that I am determined to complete to the best of my ability. If I can stand on that stage and say I couldn’t have done a single thing more, then I will be happy with whatever the outcome is. 

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30 Days Clean Living

So I have set myself a mini challenge. For the entirety of June, I will not have a cheat of any kind. No pizza, curry, alcohol, nothing – no cheating.

My thinking behind this is that I have a 14-16 prep coming up soon, starting in August, and if I can’t even do that for 4 weeks without giving in to cravings, how will I go 3-4 times that length of time come prep time. 

This is more of a psychological test than anything else, and not even that hard of one, but discipline is so key to prep that I have to just show that I can do it! 

So far it’s been okay, a couple cravings here and there but its only 3 days in haha so I don’t expect much yet! I think around the 6-7 day mark they will really kick in and that’s where I will see if I can stay away! It doesn’t help when my girlfriend is an expert baker and baked a load of cupcakes/brownies yesterday!!

Anyone else wanna give it a go?

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New Competition Date

So my competition has added a new date which I have decided to opt for instead of the one in October. The new date is 24th November, which is 11 weeks after the original date. This has meant I have had to alter my training schedule slightly but one that will hopefully favour my prep.


I will continue with my cut throughout June, with ZERO cheats, just good quality diet and hard dedicated training. Then in July and part of August I will focus again on hypertrophy, picking up on weak areas before I begin my final 14 week prep.


Looking forward to sharing the results with everyone.


PS – some big plans may becoming to fruition, its at early development stages but this is exciting stuff.

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Tasty Little PWO snack

Tasty Little PWO snack

Had this after my PWO meal as a little snack

Mackerel, macadamia nuts, strawberries, blueberries some omega 3 tabs and a few BCAA

Of course some water

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Joel’s Chest and Tri Protocol


Had a really challenging session yesterday, trying something that I hadn’t in a long time – push up super-sets. Here’s what I did:


A1 – Incline DB press 12, 10, 10, Fail, into

A2 – Normal Push Ups 10, 10, 10, Fail, rest 60 secs

B1 – Weighted Dips 10, 10, 10, 10, into

B2 – Wide Push Ups – 8, 8, 8, 8, rest 60 secs

C1 – Incline DB Fly – 10, 10, 10, 10, rest 60 secs

D1 – Flat BB Bench (slow tempo) – 20, 20, 20 rest 60 secs

E1 – Weighted Tricep Dips – 12, 15, 15 rest 45 secs

F1 – CG Bench – 10, 10, 10 rest 60 secs

G1 – Straight bar Tri Extensions – 10, 10, Fail drop set, rest 60 secs


Again this was pretty intense and short, taking me about 55 mins to complete so I decided to hammer out some ab work also. Here’s what I did:


A1 – Leg Raises F, F, F, into

A2 – Cable Side Crunch 12, 12, 12 each side, rest 45 secs

B1 – Heavy Incline Ab Crunch F, F, F, into

B2 – Medicine Ball Throw 10, 10, 10, rest 45 secs

C1 – Rollouts 10, 10, 10, rest 45 secs


This was a great session and got a good pump on. Overall took me around 70 mins to complete. It’s good to keep sessions short and sweet, I certainly wouldn’t like to go over 75 mins, with optimal somewhere between 45 and 60. If you fancy trying it, give it a go, it will certainly give you a test. Any comments or questions feel free.



Twitter – @joeldowey

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yummy little snack

yummy little snack

Large king prawns, plum tomatoes, rocket, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and a touch of salt. Delish

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Tasty snack

Tasty snack

4 large free range eggs cooked in salted butted. Fresh blueberries, strawberries and yellow-flesh nectarines with Greek yogurt and manuka honey.

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