The Start of Something New

Hey everyone,

First off a big thank you for all the views! It means a lot to have all of your support!

Just wanted to get a couple things down in here that havebeen on my mind lately and that I wanted to share! As some of you may be aware it was my birthday at the weekend (now closer to 30 than 20 -wow)! I received an amazing gift from my girlfriend Cat that really summed up my motivation for doing this show. She bought me a necklace with 2 phrases on it! The first being what I have tattooed on my chest “facta non verba” which translates as deeds not words, something that I try to live by! The second one she chose was “a posse en esse” which mean from possibility into reality! This could not be more perfect for what I’m going to achieve in 2013! I’m blessed for having this girl in my life!

Now, onto the hard part! Training! Total carnage of the gym, my body, mind and everything in between! Yesterday I (thankfully) finished my deload week, something that I do not enjoy, particularly mentally, but I know it has to be done! Today I started on a new phase of hypertrophy, adding mass to certain areas that I feel are lacking! Legs being the predominant one! I’ve always had strong legs but never much in the ways of mass! The term chick sticks comes to mind! Mentally legs is the hardest day of them all, but in a sick way I love that! I love the challenge of facing that squat rack knowing what’s to come! It’s why I go to the gym!

Tomorrow I will put up the programme that I did and if you are feeling brave I suggest you give it a go, you will be humbled!

I will also put up a sample day of what my diet looks like at the minute to give you an idea of what, and how much to eat when trying to add lean mass!

I’ll leave you with this thought,

“There are people out there who will tell you that you cannot do it, that you will fail! Turn round to these people and say “watch me, for you are the people that fuel my fire”


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