Something I think we all struggle with from time to time, including myself, is motivation, and CONSISTENT motivation at that! We generally find it when we look at a recent picture on facebook or in the mirror and think “holy shit, something needs to be done ASAP!!” This will probably happen this time of year after a heavy couple weeks of food and drink, start of a new year, new me philosophy. 

So you get right back into the gym, cut out all shit from the diet like booze/takeaway/cigs etc and yet after 2-3 weeks you’re back on it every weekend! Why? What happened to that surge of positive energy? You surely didn’t think it would be this hard to look like a cover model did you??

Let me put this into simple English – this shit is tough! If it were easy everyone would be walking around like a Greek god, but it’s not. Its hard, it’s long-winded and ultimately its completely up to you. If you want something bad enough you WILL find a WAY, if not you will find an EXCUSE!

Anything can effect your desire to train and eat well. Other life pressures can get to you and that is way having goals set is so important to keep you on track. This past week I have been no where near as determined as previous weeks to go and hammer the weights and stay on track with how I’m eating. It’s nothing to do with being bored with the gym, or the food getting repetitive, no, I did pretty poorly on an assignment for university that I thought I would do well on. It was a bit of a shock actually. The only thing that made it better is that most of the class also did poorly, so we believe the marker was incredibly hard on us. Even so, it had a knock on effect on most parts of my life.

HOWEVER, I have goals in place, goals that WILL be met, and smashed. Training and diet did not suffer, and in fact I was so angry at my marker that I squatted a new PB (video to come). You see, if you have goals in life, the motivation will be there as long as you want it badly enough. Just how badly do you want it?


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