The Start of Prep

So the dark winter months are over and spring is (finally) here. A lot of hard work has been undertaken over the last 8 or 9 months but this is where it has to be taken up a couple notches. I know that ahead of me are some tough days when I will be hungry and moody and not up to going out and doing hill sprints, but because I know that those days are coming, means that I will be mentally prepared for them.

I WILL stick to my meal plan

I WILL push out every rep I have set for myself

I WILL do what other won’t do


I did some 1rep max testing before I started this and I’ll link some videos towards the end but was pleased with what I got – at 91Kg myself.

Squat – 175kg

Deadlift – 190kg

Bench – 125kg


I’m looking forward to seeing what has been built during winter. Targets are set at a pretty high standard, but I expect nothing less from my competition.


Most of all I’m just looking forward to seeing my abs properly again!


Joel 🙂

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