30 Days Clean Living

So I have set myself a mini challenge. For the entirety of June, I will not have a cheat of any kind. No pizza, curry, alcohol, nothing – no cheating.

My thinking behind this is that I have a 14-16 prep coming up soon, starting in August, and if I can’t even do that for 4 weeks without giving in to cravings, how will I go 3-4 times that length of time come prep time. 

This is more of a psychological test than anything else, and not even that hard of one, but discipline is so key to prep that I have to just show that I can do it! 

So far it’s been okay, a couple cravings here and there but its only 3 days in haha so I don’t expect much yet! I think around the 6-7 day mark they will really kick in and that’s where I will see if I can stay away! It doesn’t help when my girlfriend is an expert baker and baked a load of cupcakes/brownies yesterday!!

Anyone else wanna give it a go?

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