So, I’m 75 days away from stepping on stage, it sounds like a lot, but believe me when I say that is no time at all and it will absolutely fly in! This will definitely be the biggest challenge I’ve faced yet but it’s one that I am meeting head on.


I don’t really know what my chances will be like, and at the minute I’m not really concerned with that, I’m more focused on taking each day a step at a time, focusing on my diet and my gym. Obviously other things are happening in my life, I’m about to start my last year at uni and all that is included in that, my girlfriend leaves for her second year of her medical course in a couple weeks which will obviously be tough, I’m still working a full time job (48hrs per week) and I still try and have some sort of social life, and one that will not negatively effect my training/physique.


All is on course at the moment. I’ve taken the liberty of hiring a prep coach to help me hone in on things that I may have overlooked myself, and to have someone with experience of being on stage will help massively. I will be taking progress pictures throughout the next 10-11 weeks but for documenting the process only, none will be published for obvious reasons but I can’t wait to share them on here or twitter/facebook.


This is really the start of the home stretch, its gonna be hard hard work but it’s something that I am determined to complete to the best of my ability. If I can stand on that stage and say I couldn’t have done a single thing more, then I will be happy with whatever the outcome is. 

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