Recording Lifts

I love to record my lifts, this is something that I have done for a long time now. Not only does it give me some record of progress, it also allows me to re-watch HOW I lift, becoming analytical in my approach ensuring that I get the best from each rep in the future. A digital camera or smart phone is all you need – although finding somewhere to balance a phone can be tricky, as you will see from the angle of my video. 

A lot of guys and girls on social media discourage photos of lifts as its easy to put 200kg on a bar and stand next to it. They are (sometimes spot on btw) wary of such photographs. Videos keep the whole lift, and lifter, honest in their claims. Here is a video of me performing weighted dips – 7 reps with 55Kg attached to my dip belt. I was 83Kg this morning.

Try them for yourself, a great exercise for the chest, ensuring that shoulders are always kept in a ‘safe’ position.

Oh – and you might want to skip to about a minute or so – Enjoy! 🙂

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